Victoria intends to pave the way for innovative uses for rooftops

Council asks personnel to discover ways of offering incentives for and minimizing barriers to develop green roofing systems, roof solar and other creative concepts
Victoria council wishes to make it much easier for building owners to set up photovoltaic panels, rooftop patios and green roofing systems.
It has actually voted all to have staff look at methods of both providing rewards for and minimizing barriers to green roofings, roof solar and other innovative uses of roof spaces.
Jeremy Caradonna, who promoted the study, said it was encouraged by meetings with building owners who stated there were barriers to making much better use of the roof area.
Caradonna argued green roofing systems, solar panels, rooftop patios and other functions would work methods of supporting urban liveability, driving ecological goals, and making effective use of minimal city area.
Right now, he stated, there are a great deal of empty concrete rectangular shapes and squares that could be put to better usage.
“As the city densifies, I believe it’s truly important that we have truly good land usage, and roofings are among those things,” he stated.
Karen Hoese, the city’s director of sustainable planning and community advancement, kept in mind the city currently offers incentives to set up green roofings and tanks through its rainwater benefits program.
“We already have 24 residential or commercial properties receiving credits for green roofings under the program and 38 jobs with green roofings proposed [that are] under building and new development,” she informed council, including the city also uses credits for permeable pavement rain gardens, infiltration chambers, and bioswales, which are developed to carry and get rid of debris from stormwater runoff.
She also noted they are beginning to tackle zoning laws that have actually avoided roof innovation.